My way into practice began in 2002 with independent attempts to study oriental health techniques.

In 2004 began to study oriental practices and meditation with the Master.

2007 is the year when I started practicing yoga. And then was engaged exclusively in practice – the study of yoga and meditation techniques.

Since 2010 I have been studying and practicing visceral and vacuum therapy.

By education I’m a psychologist. For a long time along with coaching I was engaged in psychological counselling.

In 2008 began teaching. Since 2010, under my leadership, a teacher training school began to work. And from 2020 a studio named Zen yoga studio in with my greatest inspiration and love was opened in Kiev. I have trained so many people in the way they can not only grow in experiential journey, but explore the whole world with this vital knowledge. Under my leadership my students can aspire to find their inner hidden talents and investigate the world.

During this period, I live and work in Kiev and Istanbul. I regularly hold seminars, master classes, retreats, intensities and consultations, including VIP formats, around the world. I specialize in personal work. From one-time consultations and the development of personal practice programs in yoga, meditation or yoga nidra to annual accompaniment, which includes both personal programs, and meditation, and regular consultations, as well as departures of various formats (from individual to participation in coaching schools). The author of audio meditations, courses, programs of transformation and healing of a person.

Presenter of the annual Nike Convention in Ukraine, multiple speaker of the Yoga Journal conference in Moscow and other festivals in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

In addition to teaching and therapeutic activities I often draw pictures. But magic in my art is not related to the normal purposes of paintings. With my imagination, I convey the way I see this world in them and introduce my knowledge and influence into this art. I constantly learn and replenish my arsenal with new techniques and tools that will give those involved even more.

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