Psycho – emotional and energy correction


The course will focus on identifying, deciphering and resolving psycho-emotional and energy disorders. Review, analyze, and investigate events from the past that caused these violations. Plus, repeat the basics – assembling an astral
double and entering the incarnation cell.

Course plan for each lesson:

1 Viewing emotional bursts on the first modern factor

2 Study of psycho-emotional bursts, first stage

3 Study of psycho-emotional bursts, second stage

4 Study of viral diseases, worm diseases and consequences of physical damage

5 Activation of energy of the incarnation reference cell and residual physiological phenomena

6 Benchmarking of the first chakra

7 Standard transfer and body correction. Harmonization of all energy structures

8 Overview of the material passed. Review Questions

+ additional classes. Dates and times are specified in advance

In total, 8-10 classes of 4 hours are included in the course.


18:00 – 19:00 lecture/conversation/questions

19:00 – 22:00 training/yoga nidra


15:00 – 16:00 lecture/conversation/questions

17:00 – 19:00 meditation

Each lesson begins with an hour-long lecture and conversation on the issues of the participants.

Online Workshop Format (ZOOM).

The course includes:

– preliminary preparation with the issuance of the necessary materials before and during the course: audio testing, recommended literature, notes, additional video and audio materials;

– 8 – 10 regular classes online;

– homework, support, answers to questions, regular feedback from each participant;

– for those who did not participate in previous courses – key techniques and materials.

All materials, lectures, sketches and execution techniques with detailed explanations are collected in a special telegram channel and remain there for indefinite personal use by participants. The sooner you decide to participate, the more time you will have to prepare.

Cost of participation on request.

Registration, questions in the Telegram messenger

+ 7-913-6-333-111

+ 38-098-100-30-60