A personal yoga program (PP) is like a perfectly written text: not a single extra word, but you will not add anything. This is an algorithm (sequence of actions) that contains only those exercises and techniques that you need to do at this stage. A personal program is compiled using the radiesthesia method. Many books have been written about him. Among them are the works of physicists and doctors. Therefore, radiesthesia has not been considered esoteric for a long time. Even in the days of water seekers, this method showed its effectiveness and reliability. In the case of a personal program, it helps to make it as accurate as possible, avoid errors and build an algorithm in the most effective way.

The advantages of independent practice in a personal program:

  • You train at a convenient time for you – the program is fully adjusted to your schedule;
  • You have the opportunity to limit the maximum duration of training – the program can take only 40 minutes and at the same time do not lose efficiency;
  • the probability of injury and side effects is practically reduced to zero, provided that the instructions of the trainer are clearly followed;
  • Helps to strengthen such qualities as self-discipline and willpower;
  • allows you to place accents: You can voice which tasks are now in the first place for you;
  • provides the fastest tangible changes in the quality of your condition.

Who will be eligible for the personal program:

  • people with a very tight working schedule;
    those wishing to obtain maximum efficiency from practice;
  • to those for whom yoga is not just a wellness exercise, but a tool for transforming and strengthening oneself in all its manifestations;
  • in the event of serious injuries or disturbances in the functioning of an organism system;
  • in the presence of terminal or chronic diseases.

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