Where meets painting and magic…

In addition to teaching and therapeutic activities, I am engaged in the creation of paintings. This is not just work to decorate the interior, paintings have a certain (originally embedded in them) impact on space and personality. They are deeper than even an ordinary art object. Their niche is where painting meets magic, and gives rise to an extraordinary result of creativity. Each work is a tool for expanding consciousness, designed to fulfill the goal embedded in it.

When creating paintings with acrylic paints and special materials, the correct luminous flux in space is built. With a variety of techniques, paint is applied to the base, forming elegant lines, clear geometric forms, cosmic backgrounds and much more, which generally forms various abstractions. Paintings not only adorn, enliven, but also form the space in which they are placed. For example, some of them contribute to determination, accuracy and awareness in making key decisions.

They’re all completely different. This does not mean that some is better or worse, stronger or weaker. These are just tools for different tasks. The paintings adorn the space of the owners not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in England, the Czech Republic, Spain.