Therapeutic visit to thermal sources

Turkey, Yalova Termal

July 2 – 10

In the program:

– author’s course of meditation and energy therapy;

– therapeutic practice with the body and psyche – yoga, nidra, deep relaxation;

– health program in thermal springs.

The practice of energy therapy uses healing channels and energies that not only treat severe diseases, working at the cellular level, but also help to understand their causes. Energy protection is formed around biofield, external negative and negative information are destroyed at genetic level. Energy therapy – working with a chacral system, thin bodies, channels and energies – is an impact on those levels of human structure where both physiology and psyche and even events take place. Energy therapy heals the body, strengthens the spirit, frees from fears, emotional trauma and blocks, helps overcome difficult events in life. Relieves sadness, depression, and melancholy. Gives a state of joy.

The first thing a person feels…

The first thing a person feels during practice is the lack of stress and pain, clarity of consciousness, peace and comfort. Only in such a calm state can we independently clearly consider the “pattern” of our own life – to see and realize the causes and consequences of the events and actions committed. This is the first step towards healing both the physical body and the entire energy structure.

You need to understand that this is not a one-time “crutch,” but a tool that will allow you to see and independently work out your own tasks, karmic problems, generic programs. Of course, with support, help and support.


Improving physical health is only the first small bonus that participant in such events Sergey feel. As a rule, positive changes occur in all spheres of life – a person begins to clearly understand who he is, what is his path and purpose. In accordance with this, fateful events begin to occur in an unexpected and magical way: someone’s environment is changing – all those who interfered and negatively affected disappear, and, on the contrary, the right people and support appear; someone finds himself in his favorite work and new interesting projects; insights and insights come to someone, fundamentally changing the perception and worldview of a person; someone has the necessary financial and material resources and successful combinations of circumstances; someone is healed of serious diseases. At the same time, the tide of strength, a sense of joy, interest and novelty of life accompanies all participants!


The task of leaving, in addition to therapy and recovery, to teach everyone to independently remove psychoemotional stress accumulated over the course of life and, having restored energy, to reach the starting conditions – in a certain reference state, formed initially for each as an ideal life program with an optimal resource state.

Where, when

The event will be held in a quiet and calm place in the mountains – Yalova, 200 meters from healing thermal springs. Located away from noisy Istanbul, with open hot pools, Sultan’s baths and hamam Courchunlu. Where you can walk through a picturesque park with rare species of plants, breathe with crystal mountain air and swell in healing hot waters…

For training, we have our own warm and bright hall. A group of up to 9 people.

At early check-in we can help with accommodation in the hotel where the seminar will take place.

The cost of practice is 550 euros. Online participation 250 euros.

Accommodation and meals are paid separately.

Individual reception

In the period from July 1 to 30, it is possible to come to Yalova Termal to Sergey for individual work:

– PP compilation and its development (yoga, nidra, OFP);

– a series of individual exercises;

– visceral and vacuum therapy;

– individual meditation course.

The cost depends on the tasks and duration of individual work.


Consultation entry, questions in the Telegram messenger:

+ 7-913-6-333-111

+ 38-098-100-30-60