September 17 – 19

Retreat of Sergey Mironenko near Kiev

The event is training-silent, without deep meditative work and energy therapy. The main focus is the study and improvement of the body. Relaxation and recovery of the psyche. For those who want to stay in themselves, calm down, silence and reboot.

About training

MORNING is a mild dynamic awakening practice – warm-up, OFP elements, abdominal work, active foot work. Emphasis on the maximum physioregulatory effect, that is, acceleration and improvement of the quality of metabolic processes, improvement of cellular respiration, excretion of excess fluid, fomenting of digestive fire, improvement of the brain-body relationship. Set up and activate self-diagnostic and self-cleaning systems.

DAY – more intensive practice – short statics combined with dynamics, strengthening the muscle corset, working with the back. The effect through the body on the hormonal system is launch and correction. Working with the “center” and vestibular system. The geometry of the asanas is medium and high levels of complexity. Pranayama. Energy density accumulation and distribution.

EVENING – emphasis towards deep statics – long shawasans, extended work of attention and perception, yoga nidra, relaxation of the body and psyche. Work with fears, blocks, clamps at the level of mental, emotional and physical. Activation and acceleration of tissue repair processes.

Check-in at Base 17.09 from 14:00. The first workout on the same day in the evening. 18 and 19 to 2 full days of practice for 3 classes per day, including hatha yoga, OFP, nidra, deep relaxation and silence practices. Departure 19.09 after 21:00. By prior arrangement, you can leave 20.09 before lunch.

2 full days all participants remain silent and completely disconnected from society. All organizational and other matters are specified and clarified on Friday. Accommodation in a comfortable country complex near Kiev. Meals are organized according to the SmartDetox system, taking into account the time of day and the combination of products. Transfer to the base independently, but you can organize a group – agreed in advance in the general chat of the event. There is an opportunity to attend ONLINE, conditions on request.

Registration and questions in the Telegram messenger

+ 7-913-6-333-111

+ 38-098-100-30-60

Practice Cost: $300

Additionally paid accommodation and meals – the exact cost will appear closer to the event